"30" – Ceramika Paradyż exhibition

Organizer: Ceramika Paradyż
When: 17 – 26 maja
Where: Centrum Festiwalowe Art_Inkubator w Fabryce Sztuki, ul. Tymienieckiego 3, C0

30lat CeramikaParadyz 01


Ceramika Paradyż, a long-time Patron of Łódź Design Festival, has been driving Polish design for years, celebrating its 30th anniversary on the market this year. The company's products are characterised by unique design, quality, and functionality. Exactly the same values were one of the priorities and symbols of the Bauhaus school, which began its activity precisely 100 years ago. To appreciate the contribution of this ground-breaking school to the development of contemporary art, industrial design, and architecture, Ceramika Paradyż designed this year's exhibition inspired by the philosophy initiated by its creators originating from Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin.

The inspiration for creating the exhibition body was a poster by Joost Schmidt from 1923 and the café space "Café Samt und Seide" designed by Lily Reich together with Ludwig Miesem van der Rohe during the Die Mode der Dame exhibition in Berlin in 1927. Graphics and colours refer to Bauhaus' work and the current strong trend of logomania.

Two round anniversaries prompt to give our attention to the current achievements and the direction of future development of design. The exhibition is also an excellent opportunity to interpret this year's slogan "Good Life". For each of us it will mean something completely different, since in an entirely different way we will pursue fulfilment, achieving happiness, and celebrating life. It makes each of us create our own unique history, using distinct emotions, objects or places.

Let’s celebrate!

Celebrate these two exceptional anniversaries with us! Take a souvenir "selfie" against the background of a specially designed neon and post it on your social media profiles.

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