Ekoekspe – rymentarium

Organiser Łódź Design Festival
Curator: Mamy Projekt
When: 17th – 26th of May
Where: Festival Centre, Art_Inkubator w Fabryce Sztuki, Tymienieckiego 3 

Ekoeksperymentarium is an educational project which uses a family perspective to show how we can act together and take small steps to introduce big changes for the planet. Join us in a specially prepared apartment of our cartoon family and let’s discover together how to make life simple, save time and money, and also how to eliminate things that are unnecessary or unhealthy.

Ekoeksperymentarium invites you to play, experiment, and also to visit an eco-home. In the entrance hall a cartoon family will welcome us and show us the items and ideas which help them introduce changes into their live. We will also discover why it is with using the public transport. The living room is a good place to think about saving the resources we use, such as heat and power. We will find out how some simple changes, e.g. replacing bulbs with LED lights, can lower the energy bill. In the bedroom we will check in practice the „less is more” principle – fewer objects means more time for the family and lower consumption our planet’s precious resources. The room is divided into two parts – one is minimalist and the other one is cluttered with clothes and items we don’t really need. In the kitchen participants can share their ideas for zero waste cooking, reconsider buying bottled water and check their waste sorting expertise (which is not as easy as it may seem!). In the bathroom you can check that each drop of water counts and you will be surprised to see how much water gets wasted during a long shower. The experiment zone is the place where you can try for yourself how to make eco-replacements for various detergents and other substances we use at home: we will find a way to remove a stain or make eco-glue, or food colourings.
There will also be a leisure zone, loved by families, where visitors can rest and children can play safely.

Touch and experiment - Ekoeksperymentarium is an extraordinary space. A team of friendly hosts will show you around the exhibition, discuss all the interesting issues with you and invite you to play together. Ekoeksperymentarium was designed by Małgosia Żmijska and Joanna Studzińska of the Mamy Projekt collective, specialising in exhibitions in which each member of a family will feel good. The illustrations were created by Sarna Studio. The bro.Kat studio arranged the exhibition space.
Learn more about the project on www.facebook.com/ekoeksperymentarium.