Gravity of FORMS

Artists: Julian Ramirez: paintings, Jarosław Borek: sculptures, Justyna Cieślik-Płusa: mirrors, Magdalena Szadkowska: jewellery objects
Organizer: Kartell
Dates: 17th May – 17th June 2019
Where: Kartell, gallery, Próchnika 1 Street
17.05 19:00 – opening at 19:00
18.05 – 17.06 in showroom opening hours, 10:00–18:00, Sundays closed

Gravity is a natural phenomenon of mutual influence, attraction – it causes that artistic visions of extremely distant cultures meet. The creative paintings of a Colombian artist Julian Ramirez are combined in the Gravity of FORMS exhibition with the artistic achievements of three Lodz artists: Magdalena Szadkowska, Jarosław Borek and Justyna Cieślik-Płusa.

Art and design overcome cultural differences and geographical distances defined by space and seem to reflect the words of Mondrian: “A modern artist is aware that the experience of beauty is cosmic, universal.”


Artists open a discussion not only with space, but also with the boundaries of selected disciplines. The sculptures become jewelry, jewelry, sculpture, mirrors with images, paintings penetrate the space of the walls. Jarosław Borek's sculptures hang in the air, levitate denying the principles of gravity. It is filled with air, it draws a shadow of a shadow. Magdalena Szadkowska's jewellery has the features of an artistic object and sculpture at the same time. Made of transparent plastic floats immaterially on the surface of the mirror glass. The material gives the impression of a frozen water element, crystalline and subtle, light. Despite its gravity, it levitates, is immaterial, creates relationships with the environment. The mirrors of the Justyna Cieślik-Płusa’s project also annex the space and correspond with the surroundings. Reflections co-create images of the mirror at the moment of looking. They change constantly, never taking the final form. The black graphical line, the relationship with space, the lack of color, the formal settlements connect fluently with the painting of Julian Ramirez. The divisions of the plane drawn by the white line are part of the wall space creating an inseparable whole. Hieroglyphs crowning geometric compositions show a wider cultural context. The nature of geometry in the works of a Colombian artist becomes a pretext to show a higher sense in the search for the ideas of cultural signs and their symbols.
"In this situation, geometry can no longer be itself and it can not be itself."


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Julian Ramirez
A Latin American visual artist who since early 90s mainly focuses on the interpretation of his native culture. The means of expression he uses refer to the native system of signs and symbols. The collection of presented paintings is one of many artistic projects carried out by Ramirez over the years. He is also taking photos, which received many prestigious awards, and creates digital graphics, sculptures, installations, performative and multimedia projects. and focusing on the main problems related to Central and South America.
Julian Ramirez Garcia is also the director of Unamos Culturas of which aim is to foster strengthening the relationship between Central and South America and Europe by drawing people's attention to impressive works of art and promoting cultures. Through art he combines not only cultures, artists and people, but also companies, investors and visionaries that facilitate exchange, which increase the possibilities of presenting art to an even wider audience.

Gravity of FORMS Julian Ramirez

Jarosław Borek
Sculptor, graphic artist, lecturer at the Department of Sculpture and Interactive Activities at the Academy of Fine Arts Władysław Strzemiński in Łódź. Creativity in the field of sculpture, graphics and decorative objects for interiors. From 2012, together with Magdalena Szadkowska, he co-creates the project group ID.FOR.FUN.

Gravity of FORMS Jaroslaw Borek

Magdalena Szadkowska
Designer of jewelry and fashion, trend analyst, PhD student and lecturer at the Department of Jewelery at the Academy of Fine Arts Władysław Strzemiński in Łódź. Works in the field of jewelry, artistic object and graphics. From 2012 together with Jarosław Borek he co-creates the project group ID.FOR.FUN.
Gravity of FORMS Magdalena Szadkowska

Justyna Cieślik-Płusa
A graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts Władysław Strzemiński in Łódź with a diploma in painting under prof. Włodzimierz Stelmaszczyk and a diploma in the Multimedia Studio prof. Wiesław Karolak. A graduate of the University of Lodz in the field of Cultural Studies, specialization in Theater. He teaches Theater and Scenography, Costume and Film Design and Theater Scenography at the Faculty of Visual Arts. Justyna Cieślik-Płusa has been a costume designer for the last 9 years. As the main costume designer has prepared several hundred commercial and advertising projects. She made costumes for feature films, series, music videos. She cooperates with the Lodz Film School, AOIA, Dom Literatury and Powszechny Theatre.
Gravity of FORMS Justyna Cieslik Plusa