Making / things

Organizers: Nów. Nowe Rzemiosło & Lodz Design Festival
Curators: Ewa Klekot, Olga Milczyńska
When: 17th – 26th of May, 2019
Where: Festival Centre, Art_Inkubator. 3, Tymienieckiego Street, room C2

Modern man has no choice: he must choose. The choice that was supposed to be an attribute of freedom, in the conditions of capitalist consumerism turns out to be a trap: theoretically unlimited choice from which there is no escape. Things for years, not for one season? Maybe it is better to spend money on three carefully made and unique things, than on thirty up-to-the-minute fashion trends, which will be thrown out after one season? Maybe it is worth considering that it pays off to pay for the work of a local producer, instead of covering the costs of import, distribution, fuel and marketing of companies that mass produce things in those places where work is cheap?
In colloquial awareness, industry and craft are still often treated as excluding opposites. The modern "new craft" means, above all, the direct control of the manufacturer over the entire production process. A craftsman's product differs from a factory product primarily because it is not alienated from the manufacturer. And this is not because the craftsman does not use machines, but because the relationship between the product and its creator is based on a very complex body wisdom. Craftsman - like a musician – creates using his or her whole body. The creator uses the potential of his movements, senses and mindfulness, so that the relationships with various materials, tools and devices in which he enters, have brought the intended effect. Knowledge about the material and tools makes the craft - whether new or old - requires tedious learning through exercise; however, at the same time it gives the feeling of being embedded in the matter of the world.

Exhibiton project: Kosmos Projekt
Graphic designer: Danil Daneliuk
Producer: Monika Osinkowska

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