lodz design festival – general information

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Lodz Design Festival stands for ideas, people and action. Founded in 2007, it has served from the very beginning as a review of Polish design achievements. The thematic Main Programme consisting of curator exhibitions complemented and enhanced by an open and diverse repertoire of accompanying events is always at the core of Lodz Design Festival. The festival programme has continued to expand upon the ongoing dialogue with the audience, to finally assume its current shape. It now includes not only exhibitions but also the make me! competition for beginning designers, the must have project featuring the best Polish product implementations, lectures and presentations that serve as a source for mutual inspiration, and the educational space for children called Educreation.

Lodz Design Festival has grown to be one of the major design events in East-Central Europe. It presents different faces of design including industrial design, arts and crafts design, graphic design, architectural design, service design and fashion design. It brings people together who respond to challenges with an open mind and commitment, and who have the courage to design and make a difference. Since its founding, the Festival has attracted more than 435,000 attendees from around the world.